Part Time Extra Income From Direct Marketing – Home Business

Home business has been a booming industry for the past few years. Some have made their fortune by becoming a full time internet marketer and some also made their money by just becoming a part time internet marketer that earns up to 5 figures income in a month.

Some start off motivated by their lack of money lives and really hit it hard in the home business industry. Well, some of them are just searching for a way to earn extra income and get more than what they expected.

Home business can be divided of MLM, Affiliate Marketing, and Direct Marketing. I’m just going to talk three of it which mainly dominates the home business industry.

MLM, is an online also offline business. Well, I won’t actually says it is a business, it is quite like a pyramid. The person above are always more successful than the person below here. It’s not a good business opportunity in home business. It doesn’t has a decent product line that can offers you a great commission, plus you’re too late to join it. It’s just a 60 years old giant scam. You write a list of your friends, you force them to buy your product, or join your business to make money. After you’re in NFL, which stands for No Friends Left club, you are told to buy leads and continuously cold call every single one of them. You are told to spend thousands on offline and online advertising. You buy your own products just to get some money from MLM by the end of the month. It’s hilarious why people are still joining this kind of program. If you are in MLM too, I suggest you to quit right away after finishing this article.

Affiliate Marketing, for me, is just a game for small player. They are just selling stuff for others while making that tiny little check by then end of each month. These are not for someone who wants to have big success in their life. You will just waste your time doing this kind of business. It is not for me, I want big money and I want to be a winner, which means the third business. Affiliate Marketing is not for you if you want to take your family to Dubai, Buenos Aires, and other places you want to visit. You need to be an affiliate for more than 40 years to be able to get there on average.

Direct Sales Marketing, or people usually call it direct response. This is a kind of business which pays big money upfront and a decent residual income each month. This is for the big players. By saying big players, I don’t mean someone that has big money, but actually, someone that wants to earn big money.

You don’t need a big budget to join this kind of business. It only needs your burning desire and action to get rich and success from this business. This business is what makes the top earner’s possible in earning a 5 figures income. Online business are booming right now. Mortar and brick business are wiped out by this new model of business. Franchise, MLM, are absolutely kicked off. Plus internet business are predicted to be recession proof forever as you’re making money from global sales.

So which one are you?