The Very Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective and mostly used marketing channels employed by people who would want to promote a product, maintain contact with clients or to market affiliate programs. Although this method of reaching out to customers is very effective, there are still bloggers and website owners who have not yet discovered its importance when it comes to successfully running an online business. Email marketing uses the email as a direct channel connecting both sellers and end-users on the internet platform and it beats the traditional channels like the radio, the television and newspapers in that it allows easy and direct communication between business owners and their clients, creating an immediate impact on them. It is important to understand the very basics of email marketing to be able to successfully use this tool for marketing and promotional purposes.

What happens, in most cases, is that companies and email marketers would collect the email addresses of potential clients and prospects using a double opt-in process which allows clients to give their email and basic information and thus agree to receive email notifications on products and special offers in the market. This process involves a subscription where the client fills an electronic form and clicks the link to receive notification via email.

Although many people still associate email marketing with scams, it is worth noting that it has proved to be one of the most effective channels of communicating directly with customers, and it has been used broadly by bloggers, marketers and small businesses. Instead of waiting for customers to visit their websites or read their online articles, serious marketers simply craft interesting newsletters and have them sent to their clients via email. The advantage of this method of communication is that it is fast and the message hits the recipient directly.

Any serious online business owner would consider the very basics of email as a means of reaching clients and offering products. Starting an email campaign is very easy, and all you would need is to locate the right software which will help you collect addresses, send messages and create an auto-response to them. Depending on your business needs, you can either choose between self-hosted or hosted marketing software. Self-hosted software can be great for those with great technical skills who can host and run software applications on their server.

If you are not an IT savvy, then it is recommended to get hosted software and have it run for you by a reputable marketing company. Although email marketing can be a very effective online tool, it is important to keep within email etiquette, calculating the number of emails sent to customers and aiming for excellence when it comes to writing your newsletters so they would not become a nuisance to potential customers. Hiring a reputable email marketing company can be a good investment if you want to successfully market your products using this channel.